REX: Secure, Extensible Remote Execution

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REX: Secure, Extensible Remote Execution
The ubiquitous SSH package has demonstrated the importance of secure remote login and execution. As remote execution tools grow in popularity, users require new features and extensions, which are difficult to add to existing systems. REX is a remote execution utility with a novel architecture specifically designed for extensibility as well as security and transparent connection persistence in the face of network complexities such as NAT and dynamic IP addresses. To achieve extensibility, REX bases much unctionality on a single new abstraction--emulated criptor passing across machines. This abstraction is powerful enough for users to extend REX's functionality in many ways without changing the core software or protocol. REX addresses security in two ways. First, the implementation internally leverages file descriptor passing to split the server into several smaller programs, reducing both privileged and remotely exploitable code. Second, REX selectively delegates authority to proc...
Michael Kaminsky, Eric Peterson, Daniel B. Giffin,
Added 31 Oct 2010
Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Michael Kaminsky, Eric Peterson, Daniel B. Giffin, Kevin Fu, David Mazières, M. Frans Kaashoek
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