Rhythm modeling, visualizations and applications

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Rhythm modeling, visualizations and applications
People use their awareness of others' temporal patterns to plan work activities and communication. This paper presents algorithms for programatically detecting and modeling temporal patterns from a record of online presence data. We describe analytic and end-user visualizations of rhythmic patterns and the tradeoffs between them. We conducted a design study that explored the accuracy of the derived rhythm models compared to user perceptions, user preference among the visualization alternatives, and users' privacy preferences. We also present a prototype application based on the rhythm model that detects when a person is “away” for an extended period and predicts their return. We discuss the implications of this technology on the design of computer-mediated communication. Keywords Awareness, context-aware computing, rhythms, CSCW, user modeling, instant messaging, visualization, CMC.
James Begole, John C. Tang, Rosco Hill
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where UIST
Authors James Begole, John C. Tang, Rosco Hill
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