Risk-based Analysis of Business Process Executions

3 years 24 days ago
Risk-based Analysis of Business Process Executions
Organizations need to monitor their business processes to ensure that what actually happens in the system is compliant with the prescribed behavior. Deviations from the prescribed behavior may correspond to violations of security requirements and expose organizations to severe risks. Thus, it is crucial for organizations to detect and address nonconforming behavior as early as possible. In this paper, we present an auditing framework that facilitates the analysis of process executions by detecting nonconforming behaviors and ranking them with respect to their criticality. Our framework employs conformance checking techniques to detect possible explanations of nonconformity. Based on such explanations, the framework assesses the criticality of nonconforming process executions based on historical logging data and context information. CCS Concepts •Security and privacy → Security services; Information accountability and usage control; Keywords Auditing, Risk Assessment, Alignments, C...
Mahdi Alizadeh, Nicola Zannone
Added 31 Mar 2016
Updated 31 Mar 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Mahdi Alizadeh, Nicola Zannone
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