Robust AAM Fitting by Fusion of Images and Disparity Data

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Robust AAM Fitting by Fusion of Images and Disparity Data
Active Appearance Models (AAMs) have been popularly used to represent the appearance and shape variations of human faces. Fitting an AAM to images recovers the face pose as well as its deformable shape and varying appearance. Successful fitting requires that the AAM is sufficiently generic such that it covers all possible facial appearances and shapes in the images. Such a generic AAM is often difficult to be obtained in practice, especially when the image quality is low or when occlusion occurs. To achieve robust AAM fitting under such circumstances, this paper proposes to incorporate the disparity data obtained from a stereo camera with the image fitting process. We develop an iterative multi-level algorithm that combines efficient AAM fitting to 2D images and robust 3D shape alignment to disparity data. Experiments on tracking faces in low-resolution images captured from meeting scenarios show that the proposed method achieves better performance than the original 2D AAM fitting alg...
Joerg Liebelt, Jing Xiao, Jie Yang
Added 12 Oct 2009
Updated 28 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CVPR
Authors Joerg Liebelt, Jing Xiao, Jie Yang
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