Robust dual motion deblurring

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Robust dual motion deblurring
This paper presents a robust algorithm to deblur two consecutively captured blurred photos from camera shaking. Previous dual motion deblurring algorithms succeeded in small and simple motion blur and are very sensitive to noise. We develop a robust feedback algorithm to perform iteratively kernel estimation and image deblurring. In kernel estimation, the stability and capability of the algorithm is greatly improved by incorporating a robust cost function and a set of kernel priors. The robust cost function serves to reject outliers and noise, while kernel priors, including sparseness and continuity, remove ambiguity and maintain kernel shape. In deblurring, we propose a novel and robust approach which takes two blurred images as input to infer the clear image. The deblurred image is then used as feedback to refine kernel estimation. Our method can successfully estimate large and complex motion blurs which cannot be handled by previous dual or single image motion deblurring algorithms...
Jia Chen, Lu Yuan, Chi-Keung Tang, Long Quan
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CVPR
Authors Jia Chen, Lu Yuan, Chi-Keung Tang, Long Quan
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