Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae

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Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae
Abstract. Our goal is to extract consistent bits from the same fingerprint in a noisy environment. Such bits can then be used as a secret key in several cryptographic applications. In order to correct inevitable noise during scanning and processing, a known approach extracts and publishes an additional information, known as secure sketch from the minutiae. During subsequent scanning, the sketch aids in correcting the noise to give the consistent bits. However, for minutiae (represented as 2D point set), known constructions produce sketches that are large, and are difficult to adapt to slight variations of the 2D point representation. Furthermore, even with simplified model on the noise and distribution of the minutiae, it is not clear what is the entropy of the bits extracted. To overcome the problems, we suggest using a locality preserving hash in sketch construction. We give a method that produces a small sketch and thus suitable for applications involving mobile devices. Since the...
Ee-Chien Chang, Sujoy Roy
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICB
Authors Ee-Chien Chang, Sujoy Roy
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