Robust Poisson Surface Reconstruction

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Robust Poisson Surface Reconstruction
We propose a method to reconstruct surfaces from oriented point clouds with non-uniform sampling and noise by formulating the problem as a convex minimization that reconstructs the indicator function of the surface’s interior. Compared to previous models, our reconstruction is robust to noise and outliers because it substitutes the leastsquares fidelity term by a robust Huber penalty; this allows to recover sharp corners and avoids the shrinking bias of least squares. We choose an implicit parametrization to reconstruct surfaces of unknown topology and close large gaps in the point cloud. For an efficient representation, we approximate the implicit function by a hierarchy of locally supported basis elements adapted to the geometry of the surface. Unlike ad-hoc bases over an octree, our hierarchical B-splines from isogeometric analysis locally adapt the mesh and degree of the splines during reconstruction. The hierarchical structure of the basis speeds-up the minimization and efficie...
Virginia Estellers, Michael Scott, Kevin Tew, Stef
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Type Journal
Year 2015
Authors Virginia Estellers, Michael Scott, Kevin Tew, Stefano Soatto
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