Robust Transceiver Design for Multiuser MIMO Downlink

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Robust Transceiver Design for Multiuser MIMO Downlink
Abstract—In this paper, we consider robust joint linear precoder/receive filter design for multiuser multi-input multi-output (MIMO) downlink that minimizes the sum mean square error (SMSE) in the presence of imperfect channel state information (CSI). The base station is equipped with multiple transmit antennas, and each user terminal is equipped with multiple receive antennas. The CSI is assumed to be perturbed by estimation error. The proposed transceiver design is based on jointly minimizing a modified function of the MSE, taking into account the statistics of the estimation error under a total transmit power constraint. An alternating optimization algorithm, wherein the optimization is performed with respect to the transmit precoder and the receive filter in an alternating fashion, is proposed. The robustness of the proposed algorithm to imperfections in CSI is illustrated through simulations. Keywords – multiuser MIMO downlink, multiuser interference, imperfect CSI, alterna...
P. Ubaidulla, Ananthanarayanan Chockalingam
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors P. Ubaidulla, Ananthanarayanan Chockalingam
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