Rosebud: Technological Toys for Storytelling

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Rosebud: Technological Toys for Storytelling
Rosebud is a user-interface prototype which elicits storytelling by child users though interaction with a computationally-augmented physical artifact. In particular, Rosebud links children’s stories to their toys, such that toy and computer augment one another. The toy engages children in a familiar mode of interaction, while the computer makes a previously passive object active. The children are able to write, edit, collaborate, and share their stories, activities which have particular attraction for female users. Keywords storytelling, children, gender, tangible interface, education MOTIVATION AND BACKGROUND Children’s oral storytelling with their toys and stuffed animals is natural and spontaneous. However, this intellectual and creative activity is isolated from reading and writing. Rosebud, through multimodal interface and computer prompting, builds on this common style of children’s play with the goal of encouraging children’s use of technology for written storytelling. ...
Jennifer W. Glos, Justine Cassell
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Updated 06 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where CHI
Authors Jennifer W. Glos, Justine Cassell
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