Rounding algorithms for covering problems

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Rounding algorithms for covering problems
In the last 25 years approximation algorithms for discrete optimization problems have been in the center of research in the fields of mathematical programming and computer science. Recent results from computer science have identified barriers to the degree of approximability of discrete optimization problems unless P -- NP. As a result, as far as negative results are concerned a unifying picture is emerging. On the other hand, as far as particular approximation algorithms for different problems are concerned, the picture is not very clear. Different algorithms work for different problems and the insights gained from a successful analysis of a particular problem rarely transfer to another. Our goal in this paper is to present a framework for the approximation of a class of integer programming problems (covering problems) through generic heuristics all based on rounding (deterministic using primal and dual information or randomized but with nonlinear rounding functions) of the optimal s...
Dimitris Bertsimas, Rakesh V. Vohra
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Type Journal
Year 1998
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Authors Dimitris Bertsimas, Rakesh V. Vohra
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