Safe Virtual Execution Using Software Dynamic Translation

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Safe Virtual Execution Using Software Dynamic Translation
Safe virtual execution (SVE) allows a host computer system to reduce the risks associated with running untrusted programs. SVE prevents untrusted programs from directly accessing system resources, thereby giving the host the ability to control how individual resources may be used. SVE is used in a variety of safety-conscious software systems, including the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), software fault isolation (SFI), system call interposition layers, and execution monitors. While SVE is the conceptual foundation for these systems, each uses a different implementation technology. The lack of a unifying framework for building SVE systems results in a variety of problems: many useful SVE systems are not portable and therefore are usable only on a limited number of platforms; code reuse among different SVE systems is often difficult or impossible; and building SVE systems from scratch can be both time consuming and error prone. To address these concerns, we have developed a portable, extens...
Kevin Scott, Jack W. Davidson
Added 14 Jul 2010
Updated 14 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Kevin Scott, Jack W. Davidson
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