SAFER K-64: A Byte-Oriented Block-Ciphering Algorithm

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SAFER K-64: A Byte-Oriented Block-Ciphering Algorithm
: A new non-proprietary secret-key block-enciphering algorithm, SAFER K-64 (for Secure And Fast Encryption Routine with a Key of length 64 bits) is described. The blocklength is 64 bits (8 bytes) and only byte operations are used in the processes of encryption and decryption. New cryptographic features in SAFER K-64 include the use of an unorthodox linear transform, called the Pseudo-Hadamard Transform, to achieve the desired "diffusion" of small changes in the plaintext or the key over the resulting ciphertext and the use of additive key biases to eliminate the possibility of "weak keys". The design principles of K-64 are explained and a program is given, together with examples, to define the encryption algorithm precisely.
James L. Massey
Added 09 Aug 2010
Updated 09 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1993
Where FSE
Authors James L. Massey
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