Safety Tactics for Software Architecture Design

8 years 11 months ago
Safety Tactics for Software Architecture Design
The influence of architecture in assurance of system safety is being increasingly recognised in mission-critical software applications. Nevertheless, most architectural strategies have not been developed to the extent necessary to ensure safety of these systems. Moreover, many software safety standards fail to discuss the rationale behind the adoption of alternative architectural mechanisms. Safety has not been explicitly considered by existing software architecture design methodologies. As a result, there is little practical guidance on how to address safety concerns in `shaping' a `safe' software architecture. This paper presents a method for software architecture design within the context of safety. This method is centred upon extending the existing notion of architectural tactics to include safety as a consideration. The approach extends existing software architecture design methodologies and demonstrates the true value of deployment of specific protection mechanisms. Th...
Weihang Wu, Tim Kelly
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Updated 20 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Weihang Wu, Tim Kelly
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