Saliency maps of high dynamic range images

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Saliency maps of high dynamic range images
A number of computational models of visual attention have been proposed based on the concept of saliency map, most of them validated using oculometric data. They are widely used for Computer Graphics applications with Low Dynamic Range images, mainly for image rendering, in order to avoid spending too much computing time on non salient areas. However, these algorithms were not used so far with High Dynamic Range (HDR) inputs. In this paper, we show that in the case of HDR images, the predictions using algorithms based on [Itti2000] are less accurate than with 8-bit images. To improve the saliency computation for HDR inputs, we propose a new algorithm derived from [Itti2000]. From an eye tracking experiment with a HDR scene, we show that this algorithm leads to good results for the saliency map computation, with a better fit between the saliency map and the ocular fixation map than Itti's algorithm.
Josselin Petit, Roland Brémond, Jean-Philip
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Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Josselin Petit, Roland Brémond, Jean-Philippe Tarel
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