Sawja: Static Analysis Workshop for Java

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Sawja: Static Analysis Workshop for Java
Abstract. Static analysis is a powerful technique for automatic verification of programs but raises major engineering challenges when developing a full-fledged analyzer for a realistic language such as Java. Efficiency and precision of such a tool rely partly on low level components which only depend on the syntactic structure of the language and therefore should not be redesigned for each implementation of a new static analysis. This paper describes the Sawja library: a static analysis framework fully compliant with Java 6 which provides OCaml modules for efficiently manipulating Java bytecode programs. We present the main features of the library, including i) efficient functional data-structures for representing program with implicit sharing and lazy parsing, ii) an intermediate stack-less representation, and iii) fast computation and manipulation of complete programs. We provide experimental evaluations of the different features with respect to time, memory and precision.
Laurent Hubert, Nicolas Barré, Fréd&
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CORR
Authors Laurent Hubert, Nicolas Barré, Frédéric Besson, Delphine Demange, Thomas P. Jensen, Vincent Monfort, David Pichardie, Tiphaine Turpin
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