SBatch: a spaced batch means procedure for simulation analysis

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SBatch: a spaced batch means procedure for simulation analysis
We discuss SBatch, a simplified procedure for steady-state simulation analysis that is based on spaced batch means, incorporating many advantages of its predecessorsASAP3 and WASSP while avoiding many of their disadvantages. SBatch is a sequential procedure designed to produce a confidenceinterval estimator for the steady-state mean response that satisfies user-specified precision and coverage-probability requirements. First SBatch determines a batch size and an interbatch spacer size such that beyond the initial spacer, the spaced batch means approximately form a stationary first-order autoregressive process whose lag-one correlation does not significantly exceed 0.8. Next SBatch delivers a correlation-adjusted confidence interval based on the sample variance and lag-one correlation of the spaced batch means as well as the grand mean of all the individual observations beyond the initial spacer. In an experimental evaluation, SBatch compared favorably with ASAP3 and WASSP.
Emily K. Lada, James R. Wilson
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WSC
Authors Emily K. Lada, James R. Wilson
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