Scalable High Speed IP Routing Lookups

12 years 2 months ago
Scalable High Speed IP Routing Lookups
Internet address lookup is a challenging problem because of increasing routing table sizes, increased traffic, higher speed links, and the migration to 128 bit IPv6 addresses. IP routing lookup requires computing the best matching prefix, for which standard solutions like hashing were believed to be inapplicable. The best existing solution we know of, BSD radix tries, scales badly as IP moves to 128 bit addresses. Our paper describes a new algorithm for best matching prefix using binary search on hash tables organized by prefix lengths. Our scheme scales very well as address and routing table sizes increase: independentof the table size, it requires a worst case time of log2(addressbits)hash lookups. Thus only 5 hash lookups are needed for IPv4 and 7 for IPv6. We also introduce Mutating Binary Search and other optimizations that, for a typical IPv4 backbone router with over 33,000 entries, considerably reduce the average number of hashes to less than 2, of which one hash can be si...
Marcel Waldvogel, George Varghese, Jonathan S. Tur
Added 07 Aug 2010
Updated 07 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Marcel Waldvogel, George Varghese, Jonathan S. Turner, Bernhard Plattner
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