Scalable QoS Provision Through Buffer Management

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Scalable QoS Provision Through Buffer Management
In recent years, a number of link scheduling algorithms have been proposed that greatly improve upon traditional FIFO scheduling in being able to assure rate and delay bounds for individual sessions. However, they cannot be easily deployed in a backbone environment with thousands of sessions, as their complexity increases with the number of sessions. In this paper, we propose and analyze an approach that uses a simple buffer management scheme to provide rate guarantees to individual flows (or to a set of flows) multiplexed into a common FIFO queue. We establish the buffer allocation requirements to achieve these rate guarantees and study the trade-off between the achievable link utilization and the buffer size required with the proposed scheme. The aspect of fair access to excess bandwidth is also addressed, and its mapping onto a buffer allocation rule is investigated. Numerical examples are provided that illustrate the performance of the proposed schemes. Finally, a scalable archi...
Roch Guérin, Sanjay Kamat, Vinod G. J. Peri
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Roch Guérin, Sanjay Kamat, Vinod G. J. Peris, Raju Rajan
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