Scalable Surveillance Software Architecture

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Scalable Surveillance Software Architecture
Video surveillance is a key technology for enhanced protection of facilities such as airports and power stations from various types of threat. Networks of thousands of IP-based cameras are now possible, but current surveillance methodologies become increasingly ineffective as the number of cameras grows. Constructing software that efficiently and reliably deals with networks of this size is a distributed information processing problem as much as it is a video interpretation challenge. This paper demonstrates a software architecture approach to the construction of large scale surveillance network software and explores the implications for instantiating surveillance algorithms at such a scale. A novel architecture for video surveillance is presented, and its efficacy demonstrated through application to an important class of surveillance algorithms.
Henry Detmold, Anthony R. Dick, Katrina E. Falkner
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where AVSS
Authors Henry Detmold, Anthony R. Dick, Katrina E. Falkner, David S. Munro, Anton van den Hengel, Ronald Morrison
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