Scaling personalized web search

12 years 2 months ago
Scaling personalized web search
Recent web search techniques augment traditional text matching with a global notion of "importance" based on the linkage structure of the web, such as in Google's PageRank algorithm. For more refined searches, this global notion of importance can be specialized to create personalized views of importance--for example, importance scores can be biased according to a user-specified set of initially-interesting pages. Computing and storing all possible personalized views in advance is impractical, as is computing personalized views at query time, since the computation of each view requires an iterative computation over the web graph. We present new graph-theoretical results, and a new technique based on these results, that encode personalized views as partial vectors. Partial vectors are shared across multiple personalized views, and their computation and storage costs scale well with the number of views. Our approach enables incremental computation, so that the construction...
Glen Jeh, Jennifer Widom
Added 22 Nov 2009
Updated 22 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WWW
Authors Glen Jeh, Jennifer Widom
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