Scatter search with path relinking for phylogenetic inference

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Scatter search with path relinking for phylogenetic inference
We propose the use of scatter search with path relinking for the inference of phylogenetic trees. Solutions are here represented as trees whose leaves span the set of species under study. These trees are evaluated using a minimum weight criterion under the ultrametric model. The main features of this approach are the utilization of a crossover-based schema for diversification generation, the use of path relinking for solution combination, and the utilization of an improvement method based on internal rotations of subtrees. The resulting algorithm is compared to other approaches such as evolutionary and memetic algorithms, using real data as benchmark. Scatter search provides better results for these instances. Key words: Evolutionary computation, Phylogenetic inference, Ultrametric trees
Carlos Cotta
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
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Authors Carlos Cotta
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