Scene Based Reasoning

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Scene Based Reasoning
Abstract. This paper describes Scene Based Reasoning (SBR), a cognitive architecture based on the notions of "scene" and "plan". Scenes represent realworld 3D scenes as well as planner states. Introspection maps internal SBR data-structures into 2D "scene diagrams" for self-modeling and meta-reasoning. On the lowest level, scenes are represented as 3D scene graphs (as in computer gaming), while higher levels use Description Logic to model the relationships between scene objects. A plethora of subsystems implement perception, action, learning and control operations on the level of "plans", with scenes acting as planner states.
Frank Bergmann, Brian Fenton
Added 13 Apr 2016
Updated 13 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Where AGI
Authors Frank Bergmann, Brian Fenton
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