Scheduling in Cellular CDMA-TDD Networks

8 years 11 months ago
Scheduling in Cellular CDMA-TDD Networks
Abstract— In this paper different scheduling algorithms applied to cellular CDMA (code division multiple access) systems with different duplexing modes are studied. In particular, the performance of cellular CDMA-TDD (time division duplex) with random uplink (UL)/downlink (DL) assignment is compared to cellular CDMA-FDD (frequency division duplex) systems. The random UL/DL assignment in TDD is previously reported as random time slot opposing (RTSO), and it was shown that this technique results in interference diversity when used in a cellular system. It is demonstrated in this paper that scheduling algorithms can effectively exploit this interference diversity to enhance the total spectral efficiency. Throughput, outage and average transmit power are used to compare the performance. First, it can be observed that, despite additional interference sources in TDD, TDD and FDD result in about the same throughput and outage performance for a cellular deployment. However, the stepwise rat...
Ellina Foutekova, Patrick Agyapong, Birendra Ghimi
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where VTC
Authors Ellina Foutekova, Patrick Agyapong, Birendra Ghimire, Hrishikesh Venkataraman, Harald Haas
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