Schema matching for transforming structured documents

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Schema matching for transforming structured documents
Structured document content reuse is the problem of restructuring and translating data structured under a source schema into an instance of a target schema. A notion closely tied with structured document reuse is that of structure transformations. Schema matching is a critical strep in structured document transformations. Manual matching is expensive and error-prone. It is therefore important to develop techniques to automate the matching process and thus the transformation process. In this paper, we contributed in both understanding the matching problem in the context of structured document transformations and developing matching methods those output serves as the basis for the automatic generation of transformation scripts. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.7.2 [Document and Text Processing]: Document Preparation. General Terms Documentation, Languages. Keywords Document Structure Transformations, Schema matching.
Aida Boukottaya, Christine Vanoirbeek
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Aida Boukottaya, Christine Vanoirbeek
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