Science at the Speed of Thought

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Science at the Speed of Thought
Abstract. In this paper we describe a virtual laboratory that is designed to accelerate scientific exploration and discovery by minimizing the time between the generation of a scientific hypothesis and the test of that idea, enabling science at the speed of thought. This laboratory ties together computational experiments, laboratory experiments, and analysis tools in an open source immersive visualization environment by means of a loosely coupled distributed computing environment. We use this framework to provide scientists access to new representations of and interactions with their data through our image analysis, visualization, machine learning, and data mining tools as well as access to their traditional analysis tools. The design for our collaboration mechanism enables multiple people from geographically distributed locations to join and leave the environment at will, making distance irrelevant. We detail these components and our tools and present some real world examples drawn fr...
Judith Ellen Devaney, Steven G. Satterfield, John
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Judith Ellen Devaney, Steven G. Satterfield, John G. Hagedorn, John T. Kelso, Adele P. Peskin, W. L. George, T. J. Griffin, H. K. Hung, Ronald D. Kriz
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