Scriptable Sensor Network Based Home-Automation

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Scriptable Sensor Network Based Home-Automation
Today, proprietary home automation targets very specific applications which operate mostly on a cable based infrastructure. In contrast to that, our implementation builds a wireless ad-hoc multi-hop network based on the ESB sensor node platform from the FU-Berlin. The nodes gather sensor readings in a home and transmit them to a central automation server. There, the readings are matched against a list of script statements. In case of a match, a specific action is performed. In this work we will show how the user can implement complex home automation applications optimized for his specific needs by defining very simple script statements. An important property of the system is also that the control of all home appliances is done by means of IR communication and Ethernet enabled multiple plugs. This way, the cooperation between manufacturers is no necessity in order to connect devices to the home automation network. Key words: home automation, building automation, sensor networks
Thomas Haenselmann, Thomas King, Marcel Busse, Wol
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where EUC
Authors Thomas Haenselmann, Thomas King, Marcel Busse, Wolfgang Effelsberg, Markus Fuchs
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