Secondary Emotions Deduction from Context

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Secondary Emotions Deduction from Context
— Human centred services are increasingly common in the market of mobile devices. However, affective aware services are still scarce. In turn, the recognition of secondary emotions in mobility conditions is critical to develop affective aware mobile applications. The emerging field of Affective Computing offers a few solutions to this problem. We propose a method to deduce user’s secondary emotions based on context and personal profile. In a realistic environment, we defined a set of emotions common to a museum visit. Then we developed a context aware museum guide mobile application. To deduce affective states, we first used a method based on the user profile solely. Enhancement of this method with machine learning substantially improved the recognition of affective states. Implications for future work are discussed. Keywords- affective computing, context awareness, neural networks, basic and secondary emotions.
Kuderna-Iulian Benta, Marcel Cremene, Nicoleta Ram
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Kuderna-Iulian Benta, Marcel Cremene, Nicoleta Ramona Giba, Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio, Anca Rarau
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