Secure Copyright Protection Techniques for Digital Images

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Secure Copyright Protection Techniques for Digital Images
This paper2 presents a new approach for the secure and robust copyright protection of digital images. A system for generating digital watermarks and for trading watermarked images is described. The system is based on a new watermarking technique, which is robust against image transformation techniques such as compression, rotation, translation, scaling and cropping. It uses modulation of the magnitude components in Fourier space to embed a watermark and an accompanying template and, during watermark extraction, reads a template in the log polar transform of the frequency domain. The template is used for analyzing scaling and rotation su ered by the watermarked stego-image. The detection of the watermarks is also possible without any need for the original cover-image. In addition, the system applies asymmetric cryptographic protocols for di erent purposes, namely embedding detecting the watermark and transferring watermarked data. The public key technique is applied for the construction...
Alexander Herrigel, Joseph Ó Ruanaidh, Holg
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where IH
Authors Alexander Herrigel, Joseph Ó Ruanaidh, Holger Petersen, Shelby Pereira, Thierry Pun
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