A Secure Grid Medical Data Manager Interfaced to the gLite Middleware

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A Secure Grid Medical Data Manager Interfaced to the gLite Middleware
The medical community is producing and manipulating a tremendous volume of digital data for which computerized archiving, processing and analysis is needed. Grid infrastructures are promising for dealing with challenges arising in computerized medicine but the manipulation of medical data on such infrastructures faces both the problem of interconnecting medical information systems to grid middlewares and of preserving patients' privacy in a wide and distributed multiuser system. These constraints are often limiting the use of grids for manipulating sensitive medical data. This paper describes our design of a medical data management system taking advantage of the advanced gLite data management services, developed in the context of the EGEE project, to fulfill the stringent needs of the medical community. It ensures medical data protection through strict data access control, anonymization and encryption. The multi-level access control provides the flexibility needed for c 2007 Kluwe...
Johan Montagnat, Ákos Frohner, Daniel Jouve
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where GRID
Authors Johan Montagnat, Ákos Frohner, Daniel Jouvenot, Christophe Pera, Peter Kunszt, Birger Koblitz, Nuno Santos, Charles Loomis, Romain Texier, Diane Lingrand, Patrick Guio, Ricardo Brito Da Rocha, Antonio Sobreira de Almeida, Zoltan Farkas
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