Securing Electronic Medical Records Using Biometric Authentication

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Securing Electronic Medical Records Using Biometric Authentication
Abstract. Ensuring the security of medical records is becoming an increasingly important problem as modern technology is integrated into existing medical services. As a consequence of the adoption of electronic medical records in the health care sector, it is becoming more and more common for a health professional to edit and view a patient’s record using a tablet PC. In order to protect the patient’s privacy, as required by governmental regulations in the United States, a secure authentication system to access patient records must be used. Biometric-based access is capable of providing the necessary security. On-line signature and voice modalities seem to be the most convenient for the users in such authentication systems because a tablet PC comes equipped with the associated sensors/hardware. This paper analyzes the performance of combining the use of on-line signature and voice biometrics in order to perform robust user authentication. Signatures are verified using the dynamic ...
Stephen Krawczyk, Anil K. Jain
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Stephen Krawczyk, Anil K. Jain
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