Securing Embedded Systems

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Securing Embedded Systems
t a single security abstraction layer, but rather is a roblem spanning multiple abstraction levels. We use an embedded biometric authentication device to demonstratethenecessityofaddressingalllevelsofthesecuritypyramidtoensureafullyrobustandsecureembedded system. (See the "Related Work and Design Alternatives" sidebar for a discussion of some other solutions to the embedded systems security problem.) Embedded design challenges Embedded systems are essentially processor-based devices operating under resource-constrained conditions. Embedded devices include systems as diverse as automobile microcontrollers, cellular phones, smart cards, embedded network sensors, and digital cable boxes.Thesedevicesareoftenportable,communicatevia wireless channels, and are battery-powered or otherwise energy-limited. Because these systems are often considered small computers, it's tempting to port workstationbased security techniques directly onto the devices to make them secure. However, e...
David Hwang, Patrick Schaumont, Kris Tiri, Ingrid
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors David Hwang, Patrick Schaumont, Kris Tiri, Ingrid Verbauwhede
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