Security Policy Enforcement Through Refinement Process

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Security Policy Enforcement Through Refinement Process
Abstract. In the area of networks, a common method to enforce a security policy expressed in a high-level language is based on an ad-hoc and manual rewriting process [24]. We argue that it is possible to build a forbetween concrete and abstract terms, which can be dynamically computed from the environment data. In order to progressively introduce configuration data and then simplify the proof obligations, we use the B refinement process. We present a case study modeling a network monitor. This program, described by refinement following the layers of the TCP/IP suite protocol, has to warn for all observed events which do not respect the security policy. To design this model, we use the event-B method because it is suitable for modeling network concepts. This work has been done within the framework of the POTESTAT1 project [9], based on the research of network testing methods from a high-level security policy. Key words: Security policy enforcement, refinement, TCP/IP layers.
Nicolas Stouls, Marie-Laure Potet
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Nicolas Stouls, Marie-Laure Potet
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