Security vulnerabilities in IEEE 802.22

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Security vulnerabilities in IEEE 802.22
Cognitive Radio (CR) is seen as one of the enabling technologies for realizing a new spectrum access paradigm, viz. Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing (OSS). IEEE 802.22 is the world's first wireless standard based on CR technology. It defines the air interface for a wireless regional area network (WRAN) that uses fallow segments of the licensed (incumbent) TV broadcast bands. CR technology enables unlicensed (secondary) users in WRANs to utilize licensed spectrum bands on a non-interference basis to incumbent users. The coexistence between incumbent users and secondary users is referred to as incumbent coexistence. On the other hand, the coexistence between secondary users in different WRAN cells is referred to as self-coexistence. The 802.22 draft standard prescribes several mechanisms for addressing incumbent- and self-coexistence issues. In this paper, we describe how adversaries can exploit or undermine such mechanisms to degrade the performance of 802.22 WRANs and increase the ...
Kaigui Bian, Jung Min Park
Added 30 Oct 2010
Updated 30 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Kaigui Bian, Jung Min Park
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