A Self-organising, Self-adaptable Cellular System

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A Self-organising, Self-adaptable Cellular System
Abstract. Inspired by the recent advances in evolutionary biology, we have developed a self-organising, self-adaptable cellular system for multitask learning. The main aim of our project is to design and prototype a framework that facilitates building complex software systems in an automated and autonomous fashion. The current implementation consists of specialised programs that call (co-operate with) their local neighbours. The relationships between programs self-assemble in a symbiotic-like fashion. Specialisation is achieved by stochastic exploration of alternative configurations and program space. A collection of global and local behaviours have been observed and investigated. Based on preliminary experimental results, certain behaviours that spontaneously exhibit self-organisation and self-assembly are discussed. 1 Motivation: Multitask Learning The artificial life system presented in this paper aims at solving multiple problems. It is especially efficient in multitask learning...
Lucien Epiney, Mariusz Nowostawski
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ECAL
Authors Lucien Epiney, Mariusz Nowostawski
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