Self-Organizing Data Mining

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Self-Organizing Data Mining
"KnowledgeMiner" was designed to support the knowledge extraction process on a highly automated level. Implemented are 3 different GMDH-type self-organizing modeling algorithms to make knowledge extraction systematically, fast, successful and easy-to-use even for large and complex system such as one of the most complex systems: the human. Self-organizing data mining technologies in medical data analysis have to select automatically useful knowledge for medical decisions, such as diagnosis of heart disease. 1 Self-Organizing Data Mining Today, there is an increased need to discover information - contextual data non obvious and valuable for decision making from a large collection of data efficiently. This is an interactive and iterative process of various subtasks and decisions and is called Knowledge Discovery from Data. The engine of Knowledge Discovery - where data is transformed into knowledge for decision making - is Data Mining. In the past years there has been much publi...
Frank Lemke, Johann-Adolf Müller
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where GI
Authors Frank Lemke, Johann-Adolf Müller
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