Semantic Enterprise Technologies

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Semantic Enterprise Technologies
Abstract. Nowadays enterprises request information technologies that leverage structured and unstructured information for providing a single integrated view of business problems in order to foster better business process management and decision making. The growing interest in semantic technologies is due to the limitation of existing enterprise information technologies to answer these new challenging needs. Semantic Web Technologies (SWT), the current open standard approaches to semantic technologies based on semantic web languages, provide some interesting answers to novel enterprise needs by allowing to use domain knowledge within applications. However, SWT aren’t well suited for enterprise domain because of some drawbacks and a lack of compatibility with enterprise-class applications. This paper presents the new Semantic Enterprise Technologies (SET) paradigm founded on the idea of Semantic Models that are executable, flexible and agile representation of domain knowledge. Semanti...
Massimo Ruffolo, Luigi Guadagno, Inderbir Sidhu
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Massimo Ruffolo, Luigi Guadagno, Inderbir Sidhu
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