Semantic Perspectives on Knowledge Management and E-Learning

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Semantic Perspectives on Knowledge Management and E-Learning
Knowledge Management (KM) and E-Learning (EL) applications interface more and more as their objects of concern consist in ’captured knowledge’ resp. ’learning objects’, i.e. content. In this paper, we want to discuss the potential synergy from their fusion with respect to two area-specific difficulties: KM’s Authoring Problem (“Where are the content authors?”) and EL’s Control Problem (“Who is in charge?”). In order to understand the underlying assumptions when developing and using such systems, we will point to the relevance of their interaction design (in contrast to interface design) and introduce the notion of “Semantic Interaction Design” requiring a closer look at the evaluation of software products. We will distinguish between the micro- and macro-perspective on KM and EL, particularly on the retrieval question of precision and recall and the motivational optimization problem for software adoption. We suggest that KM’s Authoring Problem as well as EL...
Andrea Kohlhase
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Year 2007
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Authors Andrea Kohlhase
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