Semantically Restricted Argument Dependencies

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Semantically Restricted Argument Dependencies
This paper presents a new take on how argument dependencies in natural language are established and constrained. The paper starts with a rather standard view that (quantificational) argument dependencies are operator-variable dependencies. The interesting twist the paper offers is to eliminate the need for syntax that serves to enforce what the operator-variable dependencies are. Instead the role of ensuring grammatical and generally unambiguous forms is taken up by semantics imposing what are dependency requirements for any interpretation to go through at evaluation time. With this viewpoint there emerges an essential need for localities as the hiding of (embedded) expression material, together with a (limited) form of garbage collection to release grammatical resources used in the current locality for reuse in subsequent localities. Keywords Locality · Quantification · Grammatical relations · Long-distance dependencies · Garbage collection · Error-correcting code
Alastair Butler
Added 16 Sep 2011
Updated 16 Sep 2011
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Year 2011
Authors Alastair Butler
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