Semi-automatic support for evolving functional dependencies

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Semi-automatic support for evolving functional dependencies
During the life of a database, systematic and frequent violations of a given constraint may suggest that the represented reality is changing and thus the constraint should evolve with it. In this paper we propose a method and a tool to (i) find the functional dependencies that are violated by the current data, and (ii) support their evolution when it is necessary to update them. The method relies on the use of confidence, as a measure that is associated with each dependency and allows us to understand ”how far” the dependency is from correctly describing the current data; and of goodness, as a measure of balance between the data satisfying the antecedent of the dependency and those satisfying its consequent. Our method compares favorably with literature that approaches the same problem in a different way, and performs effectively and efficiently as shown by our tests on both real and synthetic databases.
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