SenseableRays: opto-haptic substitution for touch-enhanced interactive spaces

12 years 10 months ago
SenseableRays: opto-haptic substitution for touch-enhanced interactive spaces
This paper proposes a new haptic interaction system based on optical-haptic substitution. This system combines time-modulated structured light emitted to the workspace and a mobile or finger-mounted module consisting of a photo-detector with a tactile actuator. Unlike other tactile feedback systems, it does not require any complicated mechanism for position sensing and tactile actuation. Instead, it directly converts time-modulated structured light into haptic sensations. By sensing this light with a photo detector, users can feel this time-modulated light as haptic sensations. The system can easily add haptic feedback to a wide variety of applications, including surface computing systems and 3D interactive spaces. Keywords Haptic interactions, interactive devices, digital micromirror device, time-modulated structured light ACM Classification Keywords H5.m. Information interfaces and presentation (e.g., HCI): Miscellaneous.
Jun Rekimoto
Added 24 Nov 2009
Updated 24 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Jun Rekimoto
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