Sensor bean: a component platform for sensor-based services

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Sensor bean: a component platform for sensor-based services
Sensor-based services propose to gather, manage, analyze, access and react to sensor data. These services are distributed over heterogeneous platforms. The complexity of the implementation of such services requires software engineering tools to relieve the architect and the developer who are often business experts and not technologies experts. Our proposal relates to the definition of a component model dedicated to the development of SBS, called Sensor Bean. Sensor Bean differs from the usual components models by its service orientation and dynamic architecture and the introduction of data-centric connectors well adapted to measurement flows. This proposal is validated by a prototype coupling OSGi and J2EE and by a first component container for OSGi gateways. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.2 [Software Engineering]: Design Tools and Techniques; D.2.11 [Software Engineering]: Software Architectures Domain-specific architectures General Terms Component models, services, sens...
Cristina Marin, Mikael Desertot
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Cristina Marin, Mikael Desertot
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