Sensor Selection for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

11 years 5 months ago
Sensor Selection for IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Supervisory control is the main means to assure a high level performance and availability of large IT infrastructures. Applied control theory is used in physical and virtualization based clustering, autonomic-, self-healing and cloud computing, but similar problems arise in any distributed environment. The selection of a compact, but sufficiently characteristic set of control variables is one of the core problems both for design and run-time complexity. Most results in the literature are based on a single algorithm for variable selection, but our measurements indicate that no single algorithm can generate faithful estimates for all the different operational domains. We propose to use a combination of different model extraction techniques on benchmark-like data logs. The main advantages of this multi-paradigm approach are twofold: it provides good parameter estimators for predictive control in a simple way; and supports the identification of the actual operational domain facilitating co...
Gergely János Paljak, Imre Kocsis, Zolt&aac
Added 28 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Gergely János Paljak, Imre Kocsis, Zoltán Égel, Dániel Tóth, András Pataricza
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