Sentiment apprehension in human-robot interaction with NAO

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Sentiment apprehension in human-robot interaction with NAO
—The ability of robots to interact in a socially intelligent manner with humans is the core of human-robot interaction (HRI). The quality of this interaction is typically measured in terms of how it is engaging to the users either reflected in duration of time users spend interacting with a robot, or their self-reports on engagement during the interaction. In contrast to existing studies that analyze the influence of robots’ ability to mimic affective states (happy or sad) of users on their engagement, in this paper we study the influence of sentiment apprehension by robots (i.e., robot’s ability to reason about the user’s attitudes such as judgment / liking) on the user engagement. Specifically, we present the findings from our pilot study on the effect of sentiment apprehension in HRI using NAO robot. In this study, we analyzed two versions of mimicry game: in the first, NAO was solely mimicking facial expressions of the users, while in the second he was also providing a feed...
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