Sequence-Based Abstract Interpretation of Prolog

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Sequence-Based Abstract Interpretation of Prolog
-BASED ABSTRACT INTERPRETATION OF PROLOG1 BAUDOUIN LE CHARLIER, SABINA ROSSI, AND PASCAL VAN HENTENRYCK . Abstract interpretation is a general methodology for systematic development of program analyses. An abstract interpretation framework is centered around a parametrized non-standard semantics that can be instantiated by various domains to approximate di erent program properties. tract interpretation frameworksand analyses for Prologhave been proposed, which seek to extract information useful for program optimization. Although motivated by practical considerations, notably making Prolog competitive with imperative languages, such frameworks fail to capture some of the control structures of existing implementations of the language. paper we propose a novel framework for the abstract interpretation of Prolog which handles the depth- rst search rule and the cut operator. It relies on the notion of substitution sequence to model the result of the execution of a goal. The framework consis...
Baudouin Le Charlier, Sabina Rossi, Pascal Van Hen
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Type Journal
Year 2000
Where CORR
Authors Baudouin Le Charlier, Sabina Rossi, Pascal Van Hentenryck
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