A Service-Oriented Extension of the V-Modell XT

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A Service-Oriented Extension of the V-Modell XT
The ever growing size and complexity of both technical and business systems requires efficient software engineering approaches to keep development cost under control while still being able to finish development efforts in time with the required functionality and quality. Systematic software and systems engineering approaches help to push the boundary further and leverage the complexity on many different levels. On the one hand, the availability of appropriate models and notations for the systems under development throughdevelopment cycle and for all levels of abstraction helps to understand and modify manageable views of the system. On the other hand, systematic development processes can provide the harness for successful project execution and for the ability to repeatedly create results that meet the required quality standards and functionality within the budgeted cost and time. In this paper we combine a proven generic project management framework with a methodology for developing...
Michael Meisinger, Ingolf Krüger
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ECBS
Authors Michael Meisinger, Ingolf Krüger
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