The SGN comparative map viewer

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The SGN comparative map viewer
Background: A common approach to understanding the genetic basis of complex traits is through identification of associated quantitative trait loci (QTL). Fine mapping QTLs requires several generations of backcrosses and analysis of large populations, which is time-consuming and costly effort. Furthermore, as entire genomes are being sequenced and an increasing amount of genetic and expression data are being generated, a challenge remains: linking phenotypic variation to the underlying genomic variation. To identify candidate genes and understand the molecular basis underlying the phenotypic variation of traits, bioinformatic approaches are needed to exploit information such as genetic map, expression and whole genome sequence data of organisms in biological databases. Description: The Sol Genomics Network (SGN, is a primary repository for phenotypic, genetic, genomic, expression and metabolic data for the Solanaceae family and other related Asterids species and...
Lukas A. Mueller, Adri A. Mills, Beth Skwarecki, R
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Lukas A. Mueller, Adri A. Mills, Beth Skwarecki, Robert M. Buels, Naama Menda, Steven D. Tanksley
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