Shape from Contour for the Digitization of Curved Documents

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Shape from Contour for the Digitization of Curved Documents
Abstract. We are aiming at extending the basic digital camera functionalities to the ability to simulate the flattening of a document, by virtually acting like a flatbed scanner. Typically, the document is the warped page of an opened book. The problem is stated as a computer vision problem, whose resolution involves, in particular, a 3D reconstruction technique, namely shape from contour. Assuming that a photograph is taken by a camera in arbitrary position or orientation, and that the model of the document surface is a generalized cylinder, we show how the corrections of its geometric distortions, including perspective distortion, can be achieved from a single view of the document. The performances of the proposed technique are assessed and illustrated through experiments on real images.
Frédéric Courteille, Jean-Denis Duro
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ACCV
Authors Frédéric Courteille, Jean-Denis Durou, Pierre Gurdjos
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