Shape-Similarity Comparison of 3D Models Using Alpha Shapes

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Shape-Similarity Comparison of 3D Models Using Alpha Shapes
As the number of in-house and public-domain 3D shape models increase, importance of shape-similarity based search and retrieval for 3D shapes models has increased rapidly. In this paper, we describe our preliminary findings in applying a multiresolution analysis technique to the task of shape similarity comparison of polygon soup models. We used the 3D alpha shapes algorithm to create a multiresolution hierarchy of shapes from the given 3D model. We then applied a (single resolution) shape descriptor to each of the models at multiple resolution levels to derive a multiresolution shape descriptor. According to our evaluation experiments, the retrieval performance of our multiresolution descriptor outperformed its single resolution counterpart, proving the effectiveness of the basic approach.
Ryutarou Ohbuchi, Tsuyoshi Takei
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Updated 05 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Ryutarou Ohbuchi, Tsuyoshi Takei
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