Signed Logic Programs

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Signed Logic Programs
In this paper we explore the notion of a \signing" of a logic program, in the framework of the answer set semantics. In particular, we generalize and extend the notion of a signing, and show that even for programs with classical negation and disjunction the existence of a signing is a simple syntactic criterion that can guarantee several di erent sorts of good behavior: consistency, coincidence of consequences under answer set and well-founded semantics, existence of \standard" answer sets expressible in terms of the well-founded model and a signing for the program, and a restricted monotonicityproperty. The key technical result in this paper is a theorem relating the consequences of a signed disjunctive program with classical negation to the consequences of the members of a closely related family of signed nondisjunctive programs. These nondisjunctive programs are the \covers" of the disjunctive program, where a cover is any program that can be obtained by removing all...
Hudson Turner
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Year 1994
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