Simplifying the Clickstream Retrieval Using Weblogger Tool

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Simplifying the Clickstream Retrieval Using Weblogger Tool
Data Webhouses are used to retain all the information related to web user's behavior within a web site, working as a shared repository of business data. The advent of e-business and the increasing trend of availability of commercial data on the Web have generated the need to analyze and manipulate these data to support corporate decision-making. With the increasing number of visits to the web sites, processing the large amount of data generated by the web server's log is an overwhelming task. To overcome this problem, in this paper is proposed a new tool, WebLogger, which obtains only the required data, tracking the events that show useful information and eliminating all the unwanted actions carried by the user. By using our client side, web based logging tool , the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process may be simplified due the reduction of the amount of redundant data to process. An experiment to evaluate the WebLogger tool is also presented. KEYWORDS Adaptive websites...
João Silva, João Bernardino
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors João Silva, João Bernardino
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